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SSB Has Awarded Eurosam, Aselsan and Roketsan

SSB Has Awarded Eurosam, Aselsan and Roketsan

Presidency of Defence Industries, SSB,  has awarded Eurosam, Aselsan and Roketsan a contract for the definition study of the future Turkish Long Range Air and Missile Defence System.

It aims at preparing the contract for the future system meeting the operational requirements of the Turkish Air Force.

The future system will be ready by the middle of the next decade with a state-of-the-art military capability designed to counter the most challenging threats (stealth aircraft, UAVs, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles). It will guarantee Turkey full employment autonomy and will allow a sovereign choice of integration level within NATO.

The contract follows on from the Letter Of Intent signed by France, Italy and Turkey.

The joint development activity is expected to support Turkey’s indigenous air and missile development program in addition to opening up prospects for exports and longer-term co-operation of Turkey, Italy and France.

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