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Thermonuclear Bombs at Incirlik AB?

Thermonuclear Bombs at Incirlik AB?

According to Ismail Hakki Pekin, former Director of Intelligence Command, the nuclear bombs held at Incirlik AB were substituted with more modern and thermonuclear ones in 2017. These 50 newer bombs are allegedly four times stronger than the ones dropped on Hiroshima.

Mr. Pekin had these to say about the nuclear bombs in Incirlik:
Incirlik Air Base has nuclear bombs that can be dropped from airplanes. The base also has enough storage space for weaponry, ammunition, equipment and materials for a full-sized brigade. The nuclear bombs held here were switched to fifty higher grade thermonuclear ones in 2017. The base serves as the center for spy planes and troops that are situated in the Middle East and all logistic support associated. Incirlik is where the Northern Reconnaissance Operations are directed for the last 12 years. Today, the US and ally operations in Syria and Iraq are mainly headquartered here as well.

The other US Base in Turkey is in Kurecik in Malatya district, and it is a missile defense radar station. The missiles at this base are those that are part of USA’s Star Wars project that recognizes and destroys ballistic missiles while in the air. The radar here works in conjunction with the ones in Israel and Germany. There is an organization called ODC-T which coordinates all military actions by the US in the region. This organization is headed by a Major General from US Air Force. This general also commands all the US troops situated in Turkey.

Other US Bases in Turkey

• Diyarbakir Air Base: Search and Rescue mission, transportation planes with about 300-350 American personnel
• Two HIMARS (High-Mobility Artillery Rocket System) Batteries in Antep-Kilis road
• The port of Mersin
• Malatya-Erhac Airfield
• Batman Airfield

NATO Bases in Turkey

• Allied Land Forces Command in Izmir
• Fast Response Army Corps in Istanbul
• Partnership for Peace Center in Ankara
• Center for Excellence in Fight Against Terror in Ankara
• NATO AWACS Base in Konya

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