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The Meaning of the Bounty the USA Has on 3 PKK Leaders -by Serdar Turgut/Haberturk

The Meaning of the Bounty the USA Has on 3 PKK Leaders -by Serdar Turgut/Haberturk

On the same day that James Jeffrey, USA’s special envoy to Syria, was talking about how the relationship they continue to have with the YPG should not be seen as a move against Turkey…

…but rather as an effort to show Turkey that they don’t regard the PKK and the YPG as one and the same organization, Matthew Palmer, the State Department official overseeing Europe and Eurasia, announced that the US would have bounties for three PKK leaders.

Like most people in Washington, I, too, saw this announcement as a move to calm down Turkey about the US-YPG relationship. Most editorials published in Turkey seem to think he same way.

But after talking with an American source who is closely following the situation, I am beginning to think that there may be something more going on behind the scenes here.

My source told me that this might have been part of USA’s sanctions on Iran. They also said that the United States always plans for multiple outcomes before deciding on a policy issue. The PKK leaders that now have a bounty on them are allegedly not supporting PJAK, PKK’s Iran branch. My source said that if they had been supporting PJAK, they would be forcing Iranian government’s hand, which was something the US was after. They added that the US may be thinking of eliminating those names from PKK so as to give PJAK a fighting chance in Iran.

When I asked them whether this was an exceedingly difficult and hopeful plan, they said that might be the case, but the United States administration is so bent on for a regime change in Iran that, they might be taking their chances with this scenario.

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