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Turkey Must Have Its Own Seismic Vessels and Drilling Platforms #Energy

Turkey Must Have Its Own Seismic Vessels and Drilling Platforms <a class="hashtagger" href="">#Energy</a>

Necdet Pamir weighs in on Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Mr. Fatih Donmez’s statement that Turkey will begin hydrocarbon exploration in Eastern Mediterranean near the end of October.

Necdet Pamir, one of Turkey’s leading authorities in energy policies and CHP’s head of energy commission, said “We have been given October 29 as the starting date for exploration. This date is important in the sense that it is Turkey’s Republic Day, so it has some nationalistic message in there. The statement is important as there have been many important explorations in the area recently. Israel made significant natural gas discoveries, as they may soon have access to 1 trillion cubic meters of natural gas in their marine space.”

Recent Important Discoveries in Eastern Mediterranean

“Then it was revealed that Greek Cyprus and Greece have acted unilaterally without Turkey’s consent and authority when they discovered new potential reserves to the south of Cyprus. There were many other regions in the area where there was a good chance of coming across significant amounts of gas reserves -Zohr and Noor fields in particular. As for Noor there are talks of more than 800 billion cubic meters, and there are further 2.5 trillion cubic meters of potential reserves unearthed by Egypt. Okay, but why are these developments important for Turkey? First of all, Turkish Republic of North Cyprus has claims that they have a stake in the explorations done in southern Cyprus waters, and they are absolutely right. The Greek side agrees that Turks have a saying in the matter, but they are pushing for more compromises before giving in. They are asking for territory from Maras and Guzelyurt before they give Turks a saying in the matter. This is not acceptable. They are playing a carrot and stick game. These fields belong the peoples of the island. But the Greeks use it as a negotiation tool.”

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It is important that Turkey has its own seismic vessels and drilling platforms

Pamir believes that the riparian states in the Mediterranean have disparaging opinions on the Exclusive Economic Zones of the region. “The EU and the US are behind Greek Cypriots. And that’s how they get to keep playing the carrot-stick game. And we still do not have our own seismic vessels and drilling platforms, we have to lease or rent them which are not accessible to us all the time. So, it is crucial that we own our own equipment.” Pamir believes that such a move by Turkey will significantly limit the hand of Greece and Greek Cyprus. “If we really witness findings in this region, we may be able to counter the Greeks’ unilateral and unjust practices.”

Drilling will start in Alanya and move on to Finike

Turkey’s new plan calls for drilling to begin on October 29 in Alanya and stay there for 5 months. “The platform will begin drilling in the open waters of Alanya first, then move on to Finike region. If we come across a reserve which is highly likely since we had already carried out 2 and 3-dimensional seismic reconnaissance there, the Greeks will have to reconsider their ways. Such a finding will help with Turkey’s natural gas needs, and also free Northern Cyprus from being dependent on fuel oil for their energy demand. The way things currently are for Northern Cyprus is not feasible either economically of environmentally. A finding will help them immensely.”

We may start with one vessel and have more later

“We are currently talking about privatizations of TPAO and BOTAS. They have already been both handed over to Turkey’s sovereign fund. TPAO has already been robbed of its competent workforce. These are all results of ill-fated economic policies and the AKP is the only party responsible. But it is important to have those vessels and platforms, regardless. We can start with one, and more will follow later. Of course, it remains to be seen if we can actually do it in our current economic climate and falling Turkish Lira. We may criticize the government for using the October 29 date as a tool for the upcoming local elections, but I still support the move.”

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