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Metin Gurcan: “I am Afraid to Speak to Turkish Media Outlets”

Metin Gurcan: “I am Afraid to Speak to Turkish Media Outlets”

The security expert and columnist Metin Gurcan says he is “worried and afraid” to speak to Turkish media outlets after Turkiye newspaper columnist Cem Kucuk accused him of acting as the spokesperson for either an intelligent agency or a foreign country.

Mr. Gurcan, on September 21, spoke to Deutsche Welle questioning Ankara’s dubious attitude towards Syrian radicals by acting as their protector. Mr. Kucuk referred to Mr. Gurcan’s comments in his op-ed piece asking him to prove the identification of these “radicals.” He also wrote that Mr. Gurcan’s actions were insulting to Turkey saying “I now wonder whether Mr. Gurcan is voicing the opinions of another intelligence agency or a foreign country.”

Metin Gurcan, in response, announced through his Twitter account that he was intimidated into fear, and he would no longer talk to or write for the press in Turkish citing Mr. Kucuk’s accusations.

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