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Iran to Set Up 3 Permanent Bases in Syria #SyriaWar

Iran to Set Up 3 Permanent Bases in Syria <a class="hashtagger" href="">#SyriaWar</a>

Iran has long been playing nice with the Syrian regime, and their strategy seems ready to bear fruit in the shape of three military bases that they will set up in Syria, the locations of two which have already been decided.

Iran recently sent two dozen of its foreign policy makers over to Syria to draft out military agreements with Syria despite the outcry from the US and Israel. Ameer Hatemi, Iran’s Minister of Defense was among the delegation that held talks around Aleppo with Syrian military officials. Iran’s military consultants will remain in the country until the setup is complete. One of the locations Iranians want is controversial since it is close to Syria’s border with Israel. But the location to the north of Aleppo is already signed, and Iran is expected to start infrastructure there this week. The US and Israel are both worried that Iranian flag will hang in Syrian territory, but there is some reason for Turkey to be alarmed too, since the base in Northern Aleppo is dangerously close to Turkey and the observation points of the TAF.

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