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Here Are the Government’s Mistakes -by Emin Pazarci

Here Are the Government’s Mistakes -by Emin Pazarci

They have been talking in circles about it. They keep asking “Didn’t President Erdogan make any mistakes?” They stand there and dare us to write about them as well. They keep doing this over and over.

It is really easy to do what they ask!

Let me draw up a list and write them so the people can see. So, everyone can see the mistakes done for themselves and then they may think and decide what to do about them.

Let us start with the top and most important one: Erdogan stated tht the world is bigger than five. He fought for universal justice.

Then he kept making mistakes, one after the other.

He fought for our national interests and our national security. He went ahead and purchased S-400 systems from Russia. He even went further and pioneered the production of those weapons that the West refused to sell us.

He said “We, just like you, have our national interests.” He followed up with Operations: Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch. He didn’t allow for the siege of Turkey by way of Syria.

He followed a foreign policy with many fronts in a world that is rapidly reshaping. He held talks with Russia and China for nuclear plants.

He went after our rightful claims in Eastern Mediterranean. He stopped international efforts for a fait accompli against Turkey.

He did much worse…

He disbanded the FETO organization in Turkey, which was the USA’s localized asset here. He slammed the PKK who the US was supporting behind the scenes. He didn’t let the YPG-PYD coalition which had started to surround us. He rejected the US’ arbitrary sanctions against Iran that weren’t backed by the UN.

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He started to explore ways to trade with other nations in local currencies.

He stood behind the Palestinians. He led the pro-Palestine efforts in UN bringing the United States down a peg or two.

And many more mistakes like these….

Here, I wrote them. Happy?

These are Erdogan’s so-called “mistakes”. They spin his policies around and presenting them as mistakes. They are trying to hush those who know the economic warfare against out country. What they don’t get is that the nation is fully behind the policies that they consider “mistakes.”

I am one of those people that fully support the “mistakes.” Because I live here and the Turkey I want to leave for my children and grandchildren is one where they can walk proudly.

If these are mistakes, count me in as one of the perpetrators.

Furthermore, they have done similar “mistakes” themselves in the past. There was a time where they would stand against the US and shouted “Go Home” at Americans. But later on, for some reason, they began to side with the imperialists. The leftists of that period are now comrades with the YPG that the USA is arming.

We, on the other hand, insist on making those “mistakes”.

So, they are Erdogan’s mistakes? I wish, then, that these mistakes were done years ago.  I wish that when Inonu said “There will be a new world order, and Turkey will take its place within it” in the 60s, those that were in power had the courage to back it up with action.

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But they couldn’t. The conjecture didn’t allow it. And here we are doing it now.

Imperialism is fighting against Turkey with all the weapons in its possession. And their strongest weapon is the minority among us who say, “but it was our fault”.

But these people have always existed in one form or another. They haven’t done anything but harm the interests of this nation. But the will of the nation managed to come on top every time. But nature eventually takes its course. It always has. And It will, again.


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  1. Attila_the_hun

    Delusional grandeur is a dangerous behavior. What Erdo doing is trying to lift beyond Turkey’s weight class.
    Good luck.


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