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The USA’s Agenda is Political not Financial -by Fatih Altayli

The USA’s Agenda is Political not Financial -by Fatih Altayli

The USA is getting hit by the financial crisis in Turkey. And it appears as if, the US Administration and President Trump in particular, are working overtime to make sure they are credited with the backlash. It is quite extraordinary.

Let me say this from the beginning: The economic down wave we are facing will not be over if Turkey returns Pastor Brunson tomorrow. It will not be over if Turkey digs up Jesus, resurrects him and sends him over along with the pastor. That’s because the role the pastor plays in this recent economic distress is minimal. The footsteps of an economic crisis were heard long before we had the Pastor Crisis.

The timing of Trump and Pence appearing on the world stage as Turkey opponents was such that, it added little next to the economic crisis already under development. All they did was to add to the anti-American sentiment in Turkey and lose what little had remained as their allies over here.

Just like that, they appeared as the chief architects of the financial crisis, and they dragged their relations with Turkey to a state almost beyond repair.

I tend to believe that there is another dimension to their actions. And what I can come up with is this:

To appease the Neocon lobby who, for a while, was calling for Turkey’s dismemberment from NATO and the total derailment of Turkey’s ally status.

Which means, their agenda is political rather than financial. In order to fulfill this agenda, they want to deepen the already critical status of the Turkish financial markets, and to totally destroy the relationship by owning the economic meltdown.

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This scenario has all the trademarks of a FETO-Neocon alliance.

I can’t think of another scenario where the President of the United States could make such a blunder. The plan is plainly out there, and it seems to be working.

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