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Who Will Be Coming to Washington DC? #TurkeyUS

Who Will Be Coming to Washington DC? <a class="hashtagger" href="">#TurkeyUS</a>

The tenure for Turkey’s Washington Ambassador Serdar Kilic is almost up. He had been serving in this capacity since March of 2014, during a particularly turbulent period for the US-Turkey relations.

Speculations within the diplomatic community in Washington are abound regarding who is going to be Mr. Kilic’s replacement. The consensus around here is that the job will be one of the toughest to carry out in Washington, because of the multitude of problems between the two countries. Furthermore, it is generally agreed upon that the new ambassador has to believe -and also be extraordinarily resourceful, in overcoming the issues.

Although the names that are being talked about are little more than rumors, there are a few bullet points about the profile for the potential ambassador that almost everyone agrees:

  • It won’t be someone from the diplomatic circles
  • It will be someone very close to President Erdogan
  • It will be someone who can think and act creatively -and fast

There are actual names that are being pronounced around Washington, and obviously, I am hearing about them, but I won’t reveal any names just yet, as it is too early. Suffice it to say that some of the names that are being talked about are those who were ministers in the old government but have not been appointed by Erdogan for the current one.

Also, negotiations have begun between the delegation spearheaded by Sedat Onal and John Sullivan, US Deputy Secretary of State. Foreign Affairs sources are saying that the talks have advanced to White House level, and to a point that Sullivan needs a direct approval from the White House for an eventual agreement. Trump, on the other hand, is consulting with the following names on the talks:

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John Bolton: National Security Advisor

Fred Fleitz: Chief of Staff for the National Security Council.

Mira Ricardel: Deputy National Security Advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump, someone Bolton has complete confidence in.

The first of these two officials have been known to give in to conspiracy theories against Muslims invading the United States. Mira Ricardel generally agrees with them as well.

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