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IYI Party Leader Meral Aksener Resigns

IYI Party Leader Meral Aksener Resigns

Meral Aksener spoke in Afyon at IYI Party’s high-level consultation meeting where she blamed the nationalists for the party’s disappointing results in the June 24 elections.

She said she was tired of paying dues to her comrades, and that she felt she was suffocating under a never-ending debt. Aksener also said she took full responsibility for her party’s performance and the contrived deputy list they presented for the elections. She went on to say that as a result of all that she would resign as IYI Party Chair with no intention to return.

Many delegates were shocked to hear Ms. Aksener’s speech and ran to her side, some weeping, begging her to reconsider. Deputy Chairman Lutfu Turkkan was heard screaming obscenities while Osman Erturk ended up with a broken nose during a brawl.

Meral Aksener was last seen feeling faint with doctors rushing to her side and taking her out of the compound.

IYI Party Chairmanship Council has taken the decision to go to a General Assembly.

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