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Four Demonstrators Killed, Injured by Security Forces #IraqProtests

Four Demonstrators Killed, Injured by Security Forces <a class="hashtagger" href="">#IraqProtests</a>

At least one protester was killed and three more were wounded on Sunday by the Iraqi security forces in Basra city as the protests turned even more violent on the seventh day when the demonstrators attempted to enter the public offices, a report said.

Even though the Iraqi authorities have imposed the city under curfew in hopes of bringing the situation under control and blocked most of the main streets, demonstrations continued and attempted to enter the office of the governor in Basra.

People in most provinces in southern Iraq have been protesting, demanding better public services and job opportunities since the beginning of last week.

The security forces, as a result have shot at them to set apart the demonstrators and move them away from the public facilities, Kurdistan 24 correspondent reported from the city.

Reuters, in the meantime, reported that the police in the southern province has used weapons and tear gas in order to control the unrest situation, as cited by Kurdistan 24.

Another civilian was killed, while eight more were injured in clashes with security forces on Saturday, according to Iraqi media outlets.

Iraq has also blocked Facebook and Instagram, most popular platforms across the country, for the same reason.


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