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IYI Party Willing to Court AKP in Recent Statement

IYI Party Willing to Court AKP in Recent Statement

IYI Party’s Konya MP Fahrettin Yokus was asked by journalists about his party’s potential involvement in the government in case there is a crack in the AKP – MHP alliance. He had these to say:

“Although I don’t have the authority to set my party’s policies by myself, we will take our country’s needs as our top priority. If we decide that a legislation is beneficial to our nation, we will not hesitate to shoulder the responsibility. We are not going to be opposing for the sake of opposition. If we are part of the decision process, we will serve our country to the best of our ability.

“This view is shared by the rest of my party. It is too soon to say if we will be part of the government or not. Turkey has entered a new phase with no parliamentary majority held by any of the parties. The closest coalition possibility is one between AKP and MHP. In case it doesn’t work out, I can’t say anything about a potential alliance between AKP and IYI Party, but we wil do everything in our power to avert a parliamentary deadlock if it helps our nation.”

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