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Bombshell Aksener Claim in Ankara Circles!

Bombshell Aksener Claim in Ankara Circles!

According to sources in Ankara’s political circles and, Meral Aksener, the head of IYI Party, who was last seen 3 days after the elections, and have not been publicly heard from since, is about to make a major announcement.

According to sources, Ms. Aksener has accepted to be a deputy to newly elected president Erdogan, and she will serve under him at the Presidential Palace.

Such a move will force her to resign as Chair of IYI Party, a position that political circles think will be filled by Koray Aydin.

The agreement was allegedly reached on the day of the elections (June 24), and the first contact between the two parties was initiated after Erdogan’s statement that they would be willing to look for a coalition partner if they didn’t get the parliamentary majority (which they did, but maybe didn’t, depending on MHP and Devlet Bahceli’s mood).

Although these developments are claims obtained from reliable sources, we have yet to hear anything from either IYI Party and AKP.

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