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Demirtas Releases Handwritten Plea to His Supporters #TurkishElection2018

Demirtas Releases Handwritten Plea to His Supporters #TurkishElection2018

Selahattin Demirtas, jailed ex-Chair and current Presidential Candidate for HDP, released a handwritten plea to his supporters asking for their help in propagating his and his party’s message. The note, in typical Demirtas humor and humility has been a hit in social media.

Here’s what he says in his message:

Hello dear friends,

As you know I am able to tweet from jail via my kettle, but unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t work with a kettle 🙂 That’s why this note is in my handwriting.

I have a small favor to ask: since HDP is off-limits for mainstream media and the impact of social media is somewhat limited I am hoping every one of you can actively help us in our election campaign.

I am hoping especially that you can reach out to out citizens who ar prejudices against us and talk to them about our policies regarding peace, democracy and living together and how sincere we are in our convictions.

I believe you can convince at least 3 people around you about why they should cast one vote for HDP and one vote for Demirtaş for a better tomorrow. I trust you in this because you are my voice and my breath.

With that, I want to wish all of you Ramazan Mubarak and sending you my love and regards.

PS: It would be great if you can forward this message to at least 100 people. As you know my kettle is down 🙂

Selahattin Demirtaş

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