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Director of Governance for MSU Arrested on FETO Charges

Director of Governance for MSU Arrested on FETO Charges

Kadir Arakan, a Senior Ordnance Colonel and the Director of Governance for MSU -or The University for National Defense, which was established in lieu of the closed down War Colleges Command was arrested under suspicions about ties with FETO organization.

The move came off as a shock, since MSU was originally established to stop the infiltration of FETO members into Turkish Armed Forces. That Mr. Arakan was involved with the University since its inception, and he had been serving as its Director of Governance, raises questions about the security of the newly formed organization. Similar arrests have been ongoing with senior army officials who were serving at critical junctures of TAF.

Turkish Military Academy, Naval Academy and Air Force Academy are all operating under MSU’s jurisdiction.

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