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Nevsin Mengu Interviews Saadet Party Leader Karamollaoglu

Nevsin Mengu Interviews Saadet Party Leader Karamollaoglu

Karamollaoglu: Turkey Needs A Breather

Saadet Party Chairman Temel Karamollaoglu says Turkey needs a change and a breather. He answered Nevsin Mengu’s questions regarding the upcoming June 24 Elections.

Temel Karamollaoglu is a candidate for the Presidential Elections to take place shortly. He sat down with Nevsin Mengu to talk about his views on the elections also his party’s policies regarding domestic and international matters.

He believes those who do not side with the government are under a substantial pressure. He says people, including 20% of AKP supporters, are sick of oppression, corruption and injustice. He thinks the Republican Alliance is threatening the voters and that is sure to backfire: “They will not forget the slap the nation will hand them for a long time to come.”

AKP’s 2002 Election Manifesto

Karamollaoglu says AKP had emphasized concepts such as justice, law, freedom of the press, democracy and fight against corruption, but “they have delivered the exact opposite of their promises.”

Karamollaoglu said “If you say ‘you are free to think how you like’ but then turn around and threaten those who do not think like you, and you control 90% of the media, then can the people ask for democracy and justice? No, they can’t.”

Regarding the AKP Party he says, “The party exists as long as Erdogan is around, when he is gone so will the party.”

Policies Regarding Israel

Karamollaoglu believes the future for our economy, foreign policy and education system will not be bright as long AKP stays in power and continues to implement the same policies. He says, “Law is already in disorder. You cannot govern a country with this level of haughtiness. You cannot govern a country with no justice in place, and in a state of quarrel with all foreign powers.”

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He is also vehemently against the government’s policies regarding Israel: “All the government does is rant. On the one hand it is bickering with Israel in a battle or words, but on the other hand it is taking steps that are advancing Israel’s cause. If it was me, we would cut all ties with Israel there and then.”

TV Channels

Karamollaoglu is critical of the rules of the competition for the elections. He says the TV channels are not dedicating anywhere near a fair amount of time for oppositional candidates. “I am really in awe of how those people who are continuously campaigning against a candidate while not allowing them to appear on screen at all.”

He says Islam has been degraded to growing a beard, wearing a robe and prayer caps, performing the salaat and fasting: “Faith is the foundation of Islam. You are not supposed to lie, act unjust and defame. If they are genuine Muslims, they have to be afraid of God. I cannot bring myself to use the same words they use to describe us. We are what we say. God help us.”

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