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21st Week of The Hrant Dink Murder Trial Begins

21st Week of The Hrant Dink Murder Trial Begins

The trial for Hrant Dink murder case involving public officials is still going on. The first session was held on May 14th, and it will continue throughout the week at Caglayan Courthouse’s 14th Heavy Penal Court. Istanbul’s Gendarmerie Intelligence officials are expected to appear before the lawyers for Hrant Dink’s family.

The organization “Hrant’s Friends” which has been pursuing the case from the beginning were at the courthouse where Bulent Aydin read a press release:

“Once again we are at the courthouse pursuing this case. The questioning of gendarmeries that were added to the case a year ago is currently under way. Lawyers for Dink’s family will be grilling them today. This case began 11 years ago on April 20, 2007 with 20 defendants. After 11 years, 9 of them are still under detention while there are 85 more out of which 10 are on the run from the law.

“We will be on top of this case until everyone involved in the case are brought the justice, and those that are truly responsible for this heinous crime are sentenced. This case will remain open unless we say otherwise.”

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