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“Project for an Erdogan-less Turkey” Will be Cast Away on June 24 #TurkishElections2018

“Project for an Erdogan-less Turkey” Will be Cast Away on June 24 <a class="hashtagger" href="">#TurkishElections2018</a>

I realized once again how crucial June 24th is for all of us while listening to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s unveiling of their manifesto during his speech at AKP’s Istanbul Convention.

Our responsibilities

We, who live on these lands from Edirne to Kars and Izmir to Diyarbakır, are trying to come up with solutions to our daily issues, taking our vacations, researching the appropriate schools for our children. When we are faced with outside security threats, we gaze our eyes upon Ankara and trying to understand how they will handle the duress.

Erdogan’s responsibilities

And we know perfectly well that all issues for the last 15 years are Erdogan’s responsibility. It is part of his daily duties to work tirelessly towards building and opening of new hospitals, new airports, new highways and bridges, including the one that will run below the Bosporus. The tragedy faced by the Palestinians is making Erdogan lose sleep, and it is him who has to struggle against the American support for PKK and FETO.

They wanted an Erdogan-less Turkey

You may not like President Erdogan. Your dislike may have even turned into abhorrence. But if your brain is still receiving blood, and you are maintaining your basic mental capacities, you can clearly see what an “Erdogan-less Turkey” would look like. You know those that were behind the Gezi protests, the ditch plots that went on in the southeast, and finally the coup attempt on July 15th.

Let’s thank them while they are living

It is time we say “this country is grateful to you” to those that have served this country while they are still breathing. That’s how we come to accept that a democratic politics is not a hate contest, but a ministerial one. If we cast enough votes to Erdogan for him to take the presidency during the first round by a vast majority, we will be encouraging a new generation of newcomers to our political arena.

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