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On Your Marks, Get, Set, GO! #TURKISHELECTIONS2018

On Your Marks, Get, Set, GO! <a class="hashtagger" href="">#TURKISHELECTIONS2018</a>

On April 25, President Erdogan signed the legislative package for the harmonization of election system along with constitutional amendments approved last year in referendum. The package includes changes in presidential elections, electoral system and election of members of parliament.

After the publication of the harmonization package in the official gazette, Supreme Board of Elections have announced the calendar for the June 24 elections. After scheduling election calendar, Supreme Board of Elections sent it to Prime Ministry to be published in the official gazette.

Now, the race has officially started, and each day will have packed agendas according to the announced calendar;

  • the presidential candidates can be nominatedbetween the dates of May 4-9
  • Due date for submitting alliance protocols is May 6
  • Due date for political parties to submit their deputy candidate lists is May 21

Harmonization Package

  • Presidential and parliamentary elections will be held jointly every 5 years on the same day.
  • President will be elected for a 5-year term and allowed to run for a second term
  • It is not allowed to be a candidate of both presidency and MP at the same time
  • Political parties or party groups can only nominate one candidate. However, the same candidate can be nominated by more than one political party or group.
  • Individuals can be eligible as candidates if they can collect more than 100 thousand signatures.
  • Age of candidacy for Parliament has been lowered from 25 to 18
  • Number of MPs increased from 550 to 600
  • Presidential elections will be done using two-round system. If no candidate gets a simple majority of the votes than a run-off will be done in two weeks.
  • Alliances of political parties before elections are permitted.
  • Expat voting
    • Turkish citizens living abroad can vote until three days before the election day in Turkey
    • YSK will announce the dates for voting
    • Appointment system has been annulled

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