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Heavy Gunfire in Riyadh Was Toy Drone Shot

Heavy Gunfire in Riyadh Was Toy Drone Shot

Heavy gunfire reported in Riyadh tonight was due a toy drone which was shot down near the royal palace – amid claims of a ‘coup’.

A police spokesman said forces at a checkpoint in the Khozama district, where the palace is based, identified the drone and “dealt with it according to their orders”, local media said.

The official explanation came after wildly conflicting reports on social media speculating on the cause of the shooting, which was caught on camera and posted online.

Senior Saudi officials said King Salman was not in the palace at the time despite repeated Twitter reports he was moved to a military bunker in the city.

“The king was at his farm in Diriya,” an official said, naming another area of the capital.

Videos posted on Twitter captured the sound of bullets near the royal residence, sparking a frenzy of claims.

Early reports speculated that gunfire broke out as part of an attempted coup.




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