Turkish parliamentary commission’s report points out links between terror group’s cells in foreign countries.

The report of the Turkish parliament’s Drug Addiction Research Commission has concluded that the PKK terror group’s drug-related activities are linked to its presence in the U.K. and Germany.

The report, a copy of which is now with Anadolu Agency, was based on information gathered by the Public Health England, Federation of Drug and Alcohol Practitioners and London Security Organization following the research commission’s visit to the organizations.

The commission had also visited Germany’s Ministry of Health to gather more information.

The report emphasizes on the concreteness of PKK’s drug-dealing in the Turkish borders and its links with its cells in foreign countries.

It also noted that nearly 3 million people used illegal drugs in the U.K. last year and there were around 400,000 addicts in Germany.

Originally published at: https://aa.com.tr/en/turkey/report-links-pkk-drug-activities-to-uk-germany-cells/1120215