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No Visa Exemption in Sight for Turkish Civilians #TurkeyEU

No Visa Exemption in Sight for Turkish Civilians <a class="hashtagger" href="">#TurkeyEU</a>

There seem to be no developments in the EU Visa Exemption to Turkey Saga that has been making the rounds for years now.

The Varna summit eagerly anticipated by both Turkey and the EU was held last week and it yielded no progress about the long-awaited hopes of Visa exemption. The EU didn’t have to do much more than to stick to its usual Cyprus imbroglio. Erdogan was formally notified that no steps would be taken regarding the visa issue before Turkey starts judicial cooperation with Greek Cypriots (which essentially means recognition). So, there is no visa-free Europe for Turks for the foreseeable future. Still, there seems to be some hope at least, regarding military personnel.

The EU is trying to form a “military Schengen” among European military units as a defense against the rising threat from Russia. This endeavor is carried out jointly with NATO, of which Turkey is a member. If the “military Schengen” plan is put into motion, Turkish troops as NATO members will most certainly be a part of it.

Nothing is finalized yet, but it is looking increasingly likely that Turkish soldiers will be able to travel to EU visa-free, a privilege Turkish civilian won’t be able to enjoy.

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