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Honorary Titles and Martyrdom the FSA? #OperationOliveBranch

Honorary Titles and Martyrdom the FSA? <a class="hashtagger" href="">#OperationOliveBranch</a>

Will Turkey bestow Honorary Titles and Martyrdom to FSA members who fought in Afrin alongside Turkish Armed Forces? That is a question that is being widely debated in Ankara diplomatic circles.

As is almost always the case in Turkey, the debate was first started by President Erdogan during one of his speeches in the beginning of May. Erdogan called the FSA members that were killed during Operation: Olive Branch “martyrs”, and he spoke about Turkey’s moral responsibility to help the families of FSA soldiers that were dead. When this was followed by the Turkish Security Council’s complimentary statements for the FSA, the diplomatic circles began to ask, “Is Turkey about to draft a bill that will bestow Honorary War Titles for the FSA?”

Under the current law, such titles are given exclusively to Turkish citizens and their family members. Members of the FSA soldiers living in Turkey already receive monthly government pensions. Add to that the fact that Turkey is still being governed by a State of Emergency- thanks to the continues support from AKP and MHP, and all they need is a statuary decree to make it happen.

We may wake up one of these mornings and see FSA soldiers being referred to as Veterans and Martyrs.

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