According to Kremlin statement on Tuesday, The n President and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan had the opportunity to talk about the latest developments and assess the overall ongoing situation in ’s Eastern during a telephone contact of theirs.

In addition, Erdogan informed the n head about ’s Operation Olive Branch in the n region of and the two officials also talked about “joint strategic projects in sector”, as Reuters reports.

n military plane crash

Meanwhile, lost 39 of its servicemen who were onboard a military cargo plane which crashed on Tuesday, not far from a n air base. The n side responded rapidly, saying, according to Reuters that “the plane was not shot down and blamed the crash on a technical error.”

The safe passage to rebels promised by Moscow

’s Defence ministry has offered n rebels with their weapons and their families, a safe way out of eastern , “setting out a proposal to let the insurgents surrender their last major stronghold near Damascus to President , which fighters have so far rejected”, Reuters reports.

Although the explicitly said where the rebels could head to, through a Defence ministry statement, they did guarantee them this: “The n Reconciliation Centre guarantees the immunity of all rebel fighters who take the decision to leave eastern with personal weapons and together with their families”, adding that they will provide them with the necessary means of transport and have the whole route guarded…