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‘No Debate Anymore in Turkey’ Says Opposition Leader Aksener #TurkishElections2018

‘No Debate Anymore in Turkey’ Says Opposition Leader Aksener <a class="hashtagger" href="">#TurkishElections2018</a>

Meral Akşener has also gained a reputation for being outspoken on issues where many are now silent or languishing in jail for expressing their opinions.

In an exclusive interview with euronews, Akşener, the opposition (IYI) Good Party leader says democracy in Turkey has all but disappeared.

During her tour of Syrian border towns, our correspondent talked to her about Turkey’s latest ‘Olive Branch’ operation and her views on President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s policies towards Syria.

euronews: “Do you approve of Turkey’s operation in Afrin with the Free Syrian Army forces? ”

Good Party leader Meral Akşener: “Unfortunately, Turkey has turned into a country where it is not debating its foreign policy either in parliament or in public. Our foreign policy is shaped by the statements of Mr Erdogan. As a result of this, everyday we are facing a different consequence.”

“I would like to say this on the Free Syrian Army. We have now launched a belated operation to Afrin which aims to provide security for Turkey according to international law. This is not called a war. We have launched an operation. Therefore, this is a legitimate process for Turkey.”

“Mr Erdogan has declared whatever needs to be done over there will be done over there and only then it will be over. In this context, the Free Syrian Army is emerging with the aspect of an friend both in terms of international law and foreign policy. The USA and Russia and Iran on the other side, and a policy taking shape only by the leader of ruling Ak Party, even the foreign ministry is deactivated, we do not have the means to say yes or no.”

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The Good Party’s first serious test will come in next year’s parliamentary and presidential polls.

Click to watch complete interview.


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