AKEL General Secretary Andros Kyprianu warned the Greek President that if he repeats what he has said at the unofficial gathering of the political party leaders held at the palace,

at the upcoming Unofficial European Summit to be held in Brussels, he would disclose all he knows about the president and the Greek administration.

Kyprianou spoke at the ACTIVE radio show and said that the Greek side should learn to take lesson and cease making overambitious statements. He went on to state that despite president Anastasiadis’ claims that they have made strong alliances in order to build a shield around , there have been no actions to prove that claim.

Kyprianou said he agrees with Anastasiadis’ diplomatic efforts but warned that he shold focus on establishing the prerequisites for the resumption of negotiations after March 10, when the Turkish Navy’s NAVTEX exercise is set to end saying “We will never be able to utilize the natural resources that we have unless we solve the issue.”

Kyprianou also said “it is futile to force into paying a price by hardng our attitude. We must instead focus on our will to overcome our difficulties, to try and achieve positive result and to continue to maintain on our priorities while pushing to persuade the opposite parties.”