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Turkish Army Vehicles Arrive in Northwestern Syria #OperationOliveBranch

Turkish Army Vehicles Arrive in Northwestern Syria <a class="hashtagger" href="">#OperationOliveBranch</a>

 Local sources said on Saturday that a long military column of the Turkish army has arrived in Idlib province after reports on Ankara’s plan to set up a military base in the province.

The sources said that the army’s convoy left the Turkish border village of Kafr Lousin for Idlib province.

The sources further said that almost 100 vehicles, including tanks, fuel tankers, personnel carriers and military vehicles were in the convoy, adding that the military column headed towards the village of Tal al-Touqan East of the town of Saraqib opposite to the Syrian Army positions.

A Turkish military delegation had recently visited the region to pave the ground for the establishment of the base in the region.

The Turkish Army General Staff announced in a statement on Thursday that its forces along with militants supported by them killed 29 Kurdish fighters during military operations in Afrin.

It added that 1,028 Kurdish forces have been killed since the start of Operation Olive Branch in Afrin on January 20.

Meantime, 2 Turkish soldiers were also killed in the Kurdish forces’ mortar and anti-tank missile attacks in Southwest of the town of Bolbol.


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