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FSA begin withdrawing from Afrin towards east Idlib to fight Syrian Army #OperationOliveBranch

FSA begin withdrawing from Afrin towards east Idlib to fight Syrian Army <a class="hashtagger" href="">#OperationOliveBranch</a>

According to reports by rebel and opposition sources, core units from certain Free Syrian Army factions heavily involved in the Turkey-led Afrin operation (code named ‘Olive Branch’) are beginning to disengage from their current mission

and withdraw towards the eastern countryside of Idlib to fight pro-government forces now advancing on the province’s capital city.

Reports aside, what is known is that civilians from many towns across Idlib province held big protests on Wednesday, demanding that rebel groups fighting within the ranks of the Turkey-led coalition stop their current operations in Afrin and instead attack the Syrian Arab Army.

 Wednesday witnessed the Syrian Army and allied paramilitaries make alarming progress in the direction of Saraqib city (the last rebel stronghold before Idlib city), approaching to within 20 kilometers of it after seizing more than a dozen towns and villages over a matter of hours.

If the reports are true them this may mean that already there are signs that Ankara’s entire operation against Kurdish forces in Afrin may be coming to a premature close less that two weeks since it started.

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