Rex Tillerson says ‘stability’ threatened by Russian pipeline #Energy

Rex Tillerson says ‘stability’ threatened by Russian pipeline <a class="hashtagger" href="">#Energy</a>

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is lashing out against ’s plans to open a pipeline to supply to Germany, saying Saturday that it threatens stability in the region.

“Like Poland, the United States opposes the 2 pipeline,” Tillerson said while at a joint press conference in Warsaw with Polish Foreign Minister .

 “We see it as undermining Europe’s overall security and stability,” Tillerson continued. “Our opposition is driven by our mutual strategic interests.”

is a top supplier of to Europe, which the Trump administration is seeking to change by encouraging the export of U.S. exports into the European market now that the U.S. is a top producer of the fuel.

’s 2 pipeline that is still being constructed would supply Germany and other parts of Europe with the fuel, which is most commonly used for heating.

Poland, which has been a top U.S. supporter, recently penned a five-year contract to receive imports of from the U.S. However, Germany and the Czech Republic support the n pipeline as necessary to central Europe’s economy benefits of the pipeline, even as the U.S. and Poland oppose it.

The Trump administration said increased reliance on n gas makes the region more dependent on a country known for using as a weapon and turning off the spigot to pressure Europe to get its way.

Meanwhile, the U.S. put in place new sanctions on Friday against .

The sanctions came as a French-owned liquefied tanker carrying some amount of n was preparing to dock in Boston harbor Saturday. The tanker has been reported as demonstrating the hurdles in attempting to ban products in a global commodity market where products, like oil and , often mix.

Massachusetts and the Northeast U.S. is one of the most -constrained areas of the country, especially when it comes to . It is quite literally at the very end of the nation’s supply chain, and therefore subject to both market and physical constraints in getting supply there.

Even with the boom in the U.S. making both cheap and plentiful, the Northeast still suffers from price spikes and constraints when demand spikes, such as during the cold snap and bomb cyclone earlier this month.

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