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My New Year Wish for Women #femicide

My New Year Wish for Women <a class="hashtagger" href="">#femicide</a>

You are probably pondering why I’ve been writing up concise profiles for the Queen of Hittites, Hurrem Sultan, Tansu Ciller, Angela Merkel, etc. for the past two weeks.

These were ordinary women like us who were perhaps a little fortunate, but they mostly rose to prominence by their determination, hard work and intelligence. Hurrem Sultan started life as a beautiful peasant girl, but she turned into a Sultan that shaped the world. Ditto, Merkel who grew up in rural Germany. I wanted to remind you of these people to show that we all have the innate ability to rule, both genetically and culturally. The world is changing, changing the balance with it, and just like our female ancestors, we too have the power and the will to have a saying in the shape of the world to come.

If you are a woman, you have to know that you cannot accomplish anything by sitting in your corner. You have to start doing something. We have a long way to go when it comes to women’s rights as is evident from the widespread sexual harassment, children brides, and violence against women. Women may not have achieved total freedom, but they are the ones that will topple the patriarchy and set up a new and just system in its place.

The rapid rise of social media and virtual reality, the imminent danger of biological warfare, all goes to show that the world is moving towards a different dynamic. We are switching from the analog to the digital. We need to be ready for our new roles as the world keeps changing. Because women will be at the helm of the new order.

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I am asking you to stand up, keep your head up and appreciate the power you hold within regardless of your circumstances. Stand up for the women who are beaten up by their husbands, stand up for the innocent girls who are subjected to harassment and abuse, stand up for the little girls who are married while still children, stand up for the child workers who have to work instead of studying. There is nothing we cannot achieve with a little courage, hard work and self-confidence. Strand up! Step over the boundaries that were drawn for you, demolish all imaginary walls. Let nothing and no one inflict fear in you accept Allah. Be aware of your capacity to create and destroy life when necessary. Use your mind and conscience and gently take your reins. It is time to rise again from our ashes.

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