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Internal Security Update (18-25 December 2017)

Internal Security Update (18-25 December 2017)

In the week of 18-25 December 2017, within the framework of domestic security operations over the past week, around Turkey, Gendarmerie Special Operations (JOH), Police Special Operations (POH) and Gendarmerie Commando Forces together with Turkish Armed Forces air and land units have performed 872 operations, wherein 4,411 persons have been detained of which, 947 persons for aiding and abetting members of terrorist organizations or for being connected with terror organizations (PKK/KCK 209, radical left 15, DEAS 106, FETO 617), 3,358 persons in connection with narcotics and smuggling and 106 in the fight against human trafficking and irregular migration.

Also within the scope of these operations over the past week a total of 25 terrorists have been neutralized (4 killed, 15 captured alive, 6 surrendered).

49 caves, storage depots and other places were rendered unusable and explosives, weapons, ammunitions and other materials were confiscated during the operations in 10 provinces, (namely Batman, Bingol, Bitlis, Diyarbakir, Hakkari, Mardin, Mus, Osmaniye, Sirnak, Tunceli) 10 weapons of which 9 heavy and  long-range have been confiscated (7 Kalashnikoff, 1 RPG, 1 M-16)

  • 367 kg substance used in explosives making
  • 1 Grenades
  • 179 rounds of various calibre ammunition
  • 20 IED’s

In the fight against narcotics, drugs and smuggling activities during 2,449 operations in 77 provinces, various substances with street value of 20,399,670.- TL have been confiscated.

►1233 kg Marijuana,

►277 kg Heroin

►2.2 kg Cocaine

►34.69 kg Opium

►7.56 kg Methamphetamine,

►17,766 Narcotic pills,

►2.82 kg Synthetic Cannabinoid substance

►8,358 roots of Cannabis


►670,811 illegal cigarettes

►30,830 litres of illegal fuel,

with street value of 4,849,827 TL have been captured. Within these operations 3,358 suspects have been detained.

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During cyber crime prevention activities; investigation into 500 social media accounts have been made for terror and terrorist organization propaganda, hate speech and hostility towards individuals, insulting senior members of state, attacking the integrity and sovereignty of the state and threat to public, out of which 129 people were identified and judicial procedures have been initiated.

WITHIN THE SCOPE OF COMBATING IRREGULAR MIGRATION; 266 persons at sea out of 4,305 irregular migrants were caught and 106 organizers of human trafficking and illegal migrants were detained.

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