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Turkish Defence: Making Big Efforts Missing Big Opportunity #Defence

Turkish Defence: Making Big Efforts Missing Big Opportunity <a class="hashtagger" href="">#Defence</a>

Turkey has finally decided to design and produce the most critical part of any platform: the engine.

We are all familiar with the automobile engine industry; at least with its advantages and disadvantages. Although, fossil fuel is used for internal combustion engines we all know that the future is in electric engines. The same applies to the defence industry, mainly in aviation.

As Turkey can produce an electric engine for land vehicles she can also use same technology for the navy.

Aviation, however, has a more sophisticated technology. Turkey focuses on turbojet technology. It is an important technology but not as much as turbofan technology. Let’s make things clearer. Normally we hear turbojet engines on warplanes and turbofan engines in civilian aviation. The first one has noisy, powerful, expensive results. The latter has economic, optimised results.

The electric engine was used in cars in the past but charging technologies were found to be impractical. With new improvements and innovations, they came back in a fashion. Turbojets were powerful and turbofans were economic in past. Now, that is not the case. Turbofan technology has improved so much that they produce more thrust but still remain economic. Only problem is that they are expensive to produce. So, they have a future.

Turkey is at a junction on engine technology. If she chooses to improve on turbojet technology, she will make big progress on an out-dated technology. If she goes for turbofan technology, she will spend more time and money but will reach a technology that has a future.

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Özgür Ekşi was born in 1969. He received his BA from University of Istanbul, on International Politics, MSc from University of London, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), MA from University of Paris South XI, Centre Européen de Recherches Internationales et Stratégiques (CERIS). He speaks both French and English.He held various positions at Aktuel Magazine, NTV Television Channel, Milliyet Daily Newspaper, Turkish Daily News, Anatolian News Agency, Hürriyet Daily and Hürriyet Daily News between 1993-2012. Mr. Ekşi has been specialized in the defense industry since 2007.He currently holds the Deputy Editor in Chief position at C4Defence which is Turkey’s first and only online magazine in the defense sector. It is a monthly publication available in Turkish and English.

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