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Turkish Armed Gang PSO Says Erdogan Declared Jihad

Turkish Armed Gang PSO Says Erdogan Declared Jihad

People’s Special Operations” (Halk Ozel Harekati), an armed gang that emerged following the July 15 coup attempt, formed a new association.

Its founder and president Fatih Kaya said,  “Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the head of our state, our Commander in Chief declared jihad for us.”

An armed gang calling themselves “People’s Special Operation” (Halk Ozel Harekati) keeps popping up in many regions of Turkey. They have recently hung their ‘PSO’ (HOH) sign on a building in Kizilay, right at the center of Ankara. The recent remarks by its president, who claims to have participated in the war in Syria, about a new “call for Jihad” is raising eyebrows.

It has been well documented that the AKP started to establish armed militia forces, and that its supporters have been increasingly arming themselves ever since the July 15 coup.

Now, a sign put out by “People’s Special Operations” in the middle of Ankara, puts the paramilitary factors into focus once again: Who are the “people” in “People’s Special Operations”?

An Official Association

According to an article in Ileri Haber, PSO is recognized as an “official” association registered in the  Department of Associations’ website. Their general field of activity is defined under ‘thought-based associations’, while their detailed field of activity falls under ‘those who operate in the socio-political field’. The association is said to be based in Trabzon.

Their official website briefly mentions the following statements:

“People’s Special Operations is a local NGO for national unity and solidarity, which aims at uniting all patriots under one roof, and becoming their voice.”

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The website mentions no further information about the association and its activities.

Active in 22 provinces

According to an announcement on PSO’s Facebook account, the organization has established itself in 22 provinces in Turkey, and many other districts abroad. The social media accounts of the association also show that the association has opened branches in many provinces of Turkey.

Its president fought in Syria

The founder and president of the association is Fatih Kaya seems to be a named person., a local news website in Trabzon, mentions Kaya as the “Commander of Task Forces in Turkmen Mountains and Founder of PSO”.

In an interview conducted shortly after the July 15 coup attempt, Kaya says that he took part in the “Democracy Watch” gatherings. “People need to know that this is a jihad. Our Commander in Chief, Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructed us not to leave the city squares. It doesn’t matter if it’s for 1 week or 1 year, we continue to keep watch with our friends and neighbors, while we also continue with our daily lives. And we will continue to do so as long as Allah demands it. I wish everyone could understand this. Jihad is not something that is announced casually and easily.”

“Erdogan Declared Jihad”

“Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the head of our state, our Commander in Chief declared jihad for us. Thank God, we are fully aware of this. Those traitors should realize that we were only told to go to the streets. If we had been instructed to cleanse the streets off them, we would be conducting this interview in Africa. They need to be aware of this. Those are the lovers, those traitors are good; We were told to just go down to the streets, we had to clean the streets in the streets and we would be interviewing you in Africa right now. They need to be aware of this. Praise to God, we are the grandchildren of the Ottoman Empire.”

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