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Ozkan Claims 4 MIT Directors Held Hostage By #PKK

Ozkan Claims 4 MIT Directors Held Hostage By <a class="hashtagger" href="">#PKK</a>

Former journalist, now MP of CHP, Mr Tuncay Ozkan, representing Izmir in parliament, claimed that four heads of department of MIT, the Turkish National Intelligence Agency , are held hostage by the PKK terror organization.

During 2018 budget talks in parliament, Ozkan said that although there is Parliamentary Security and intelligence Commission, Undersecretary of MIT has yet to brief them on anything.
He also claimed that the MIT has been granted an executive order to exchange citizens with another country.
Tuncay Ozkan also commented: ”The MIT that has brought Abdullah Ocalan in 16 years on, now has four of their heads of departments snatched. How have they been taken hostage. We want to know which operations the MIT performs to what end. What mistakes is MIT making to be in this state? Why has the exchange authority been granted? Is it for the four heads of departments? This is not an issue to keep silent. If the same nuisance (referring to a particular religious sect establishing itself in the Ministry of Health cadres) is going on in MIT, the State is doomed.

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