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Abdullah Gul Seeking Assurances For Presidential Candidacy #AKPIntraWar

Abdullah Gul Seeking Assurances For Presidential Candidacy <a class="hashtagger" href="">#AKPIntraWar</a>

According to sources in Ankara including from within the government, former President Abdullah Gul is exploring his presidential candidacy in the next general elections to be held in November 2019.

Gul, who had been given a cold shoulder from AK Party after his Presidential term had ended in August of 2014, appears to be coming back from retreat and seclusion. Former allies Gul and Erdogan, who had built AK Party together over fifteen years ago, now don’t look much eye to eye.   Confirmed news is that he has been meeting with former AK Party politicians and bureaucrats who have either shared the same fate or are disgruntled by their treatment of Erdoganists in the party.

Although, allegedly government agencies are following every step of former President Abdullah Gul it is also reported that Gul has been meeting with prominent opinion leaders from around Turkey and clan elders from the southeast provinces; “coincidentally” running into active politicians he seeks to include for the new movement, at former Ak Party Spokesman and cabinet member Huseyin Celik’s house.

Mr Gul, a seasoned politician himself seeks assurances to be the unanimous candidate of the 49 percent No voters, the opposition in the April 16 referendum.

Talking about the referendum, the corridors of the new colossal presidential palace as well the AK Party Headquarters are echoing with whispers that the Supreme Court may cancel the referendum. Individual applications to that affect, including from opposition party MP’s have already been handed in days after the referendum. One of the conditions of the referendum outcome was that within six months the legal framework was to be put in place for the new system, which as yet is not in place.

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Amidst the Reza Zarrab crisis, critical domestic security threats as well as economic issues to be tackled in the coming days, a Supreme Court statement is anticipated at least in reply to hundreds of petitions for the cancellation of the April 16 referendum to clarify the future of Turkey’s political system.

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