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Public Opinions not in Erdogan’s Favor #AKPIntraWar

Public Opinions not in Erdogan’s Favor <a class="hashtagger" href="">#AKPIntraWar</a>

Latest polls show that

Although Erdogan’s AK Party is still in the lead it has shrunk back to 7th of May 2015 general election levels.

A recent opinion poll performed by KONDA

( shows that when asked who they would vote for today, AK Party received 34.7, CHP 17.7, HDP 7.2 and MHP 7.0 of the votes. Thi sis before the indecisive votes are distributed.


It is worth noting that

The amount of indecisive votes has increased greatly. Usually these tend to be opposition voters who do not wish to state their opinion outright.

With all votes distributed

AK Party stands at 50.9, CHP 26, HDP 10.5, MHP 10.3, leaving both HDP and MHP dangerously close to the 10% threshold.

Although according to Mr Hakan Bayrakcı

SONAR Research, she appears to have 10.8 of the votes, the new political movement to be yet formally established by Ms. Meral Aksener is not realistic accounted for, yet.









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