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Mayors On The Way Out! #AKPIntraWar

Within his rejuvenation and reform of AK Party

Over the course of recent months President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has made major changes in the cabinet as well the AK Party top management and now has embarked on “inviting” some mayors to resign to be replaced by fresh and favored faces.

Allegations of corruption and dirty deals

In many AK Party municipalities have lead to resentment by the people and Erdogan wants to perform a quick cleanse and replace.

The mayor of Istanbul Mr. Kadir Topbas

having been in office since 2004, has resigned on September 22nd.

The mayor of Ankara Mr I. Melih Gokcek in office since 1994

It is rumored that there is a behind the scenes battle going on between the President and the mayor Ankara, particularly about the mayor’s son Mr Osman Gokcek, who at his young age of 24 allegedly already has a lot of skeletons in his wardrobe.

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Political, societal and security risk analyst.

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