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About the S 400 Deal

The latest on the S 400 deal is that President Putin is not too happy

With President Erdogan’s statements during the latter’s visit to Ukraine and Serbia when Erdogan made remarks opposing Crimea’s annexation to Russia. Kremlin may well hold the deal until there is a clarification on particularly this subject.

Putin wants to know exactly where Erdogan stands

On this and other topics such as Chechen militia leaders in Turkey, Cyprus talks, the Montreux accord governing the Dardanelle and Bosporus straits, which are relevant to Russia – Turkey relations.

Turkey wants easing of the measures

On Turkish agricultural products, Russia’s stance on PKK/PYD, Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Turkish Stream.

We may well start hearing an uproar soon

by Turkish authorities that the Russians weren’t going to give us the S 400’s or that they weren’t going to open up and transfer technology etc. Once again, being deceived or maybe not being realistic in an era of real politics?

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